Stakehub ExchangeCoin Pool Overview

ExchangeCoin is a cryptocurrency which value is based on real market value of project, which goal is to create decentralized crypto exchange platform. Their currently available projects are ExchangeCoin and

A stake pool is used to delegate your voting powers to a third party (the pool). The pool, by it's design, cannot steal your funds. You can read more about it here.

Participating in a stake pool is perfect for people who wish to take part in EXCCoin's proof of stake voting, but:

  • - Don't want to keep a constantly unlocked wallet
  • - Lack a realible/low latency Internet connection
  • - Don't want to invest money in mining rigs

The source code of this pool is available at GitHub.

If you wish to read more about using ExchangeCoin, click here. If you are experiencing problems with setting up the wallet, check out wallet setup guide. Happy staking!